Happy 11 Years to The College Dropout

Eleven years ago today marks a highly significant time in hip hop history, a stout and highly eccentric individual by the name of Kanye West bursted on to the scene with a jaw dropping debut album.
Now most people did not really know too much about him at the time but he did make an impact prior to his debut masterpiece. Many forget that he co-produced Jay-Z’s The Blueprint in 2001.
But when Kanye dropped his debut album with the infamous teddy bear mascot costume on in 2004 he put the Hip- Hop world on notice that one very cocky MC had arrived. We all remember his speech at the 2005 Grammy Awards where he uttered the famous words, “Everybody wanted to know what I would do if I didn’t win… I guess we’ll never know.”
Now, I can’t stand Kanye’s arrogant attitude just as much as the next guy but that is what makes him so great and such a fascinating and entertaining personality. Oh yeah and of course the fact that his music is amazing and always has been.
The immediate vibe of The “College Dropout” from “We Don’t Care” to the amazing metaphors and rhymes in “All Falls Down” to the amazing meaning behind “Jesus Walks,” “The College Dropout” symbolizes an incredible rise to fame that maybe some regret has happened.
This is an album that I still listen to on a regular basis, blasting it in my car because it’s so addicting. Kanye gets a strong story out through this album with some of the sickest beats you will ever hear. So do yourself a favor and go listen to this album again and appreciate it, even though the modern-day Machiavelli, as he calls himself created it. Because we all know when it comes to music, Yeezus is a genius.


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