Pacquiao-Mayweather may have been a let down but it was closer than you think

So we all know the “Fight of the Century” was a huge let down and a bit of a snooze to say the least. But what else did you expect from two fighters past their prime and in their late thirties–one of whom may be the most boring champ of all time.

The fight went the distance, as expected by anyone with a brain but this unanimous, wasn’t even close stuff is bull. Mayweather won more rounds, I’ll give him that, but he won them with great defense and just enough jabs to win the judges over. When Pacquiao won his rounds, he won them convincingly. Though he seemed a bit hesitant when it looked like he was getting to Mayweather, he was still the aggressor and controlled the pace of the entire fight. So to be fair the fight was actually a close one and some even made the argument for Pacquiao winning (which I don’t necessarily disagree with).

But let’s get past the fact that May weather won by unanimous decision because he did the same against his wife, but that’s a different story. The truth is Floyd is a very smart fighter, highly defensive and quick. Pacquiao was the instigator, the aggressive southpaw who laid all the big hits but did not dodge as many as Floyd, by the way that’s all Floyd did but non the less he won and that’s that.

Now, we all know a rematch is highly unlikely. Floyd announced that he will fight again in September, which is the last fight scheduled under his contract and he wants to “be loyal” to his contract. But is one really going to stop at 49-0? All I know is if a rematch which Floyd would most likely never agree to were to take place, this time with a healthy and fully recovered Pacquiao who won’t be denied a cortisone shot, I think it would be a much different fight. We all know Pacquiao would agree to it in a second, we would just need Mayweather to do the same.