Another Grammys Snub Tonight?

We all know the bullshit that happened last year at the Grammys. Kendrick Lamar got screwed out of Best New Artist and Album of the Year. The artist who completely blew up in 2013 and recorded one of the most symbolic and meaningful albums of the past decade lost out to Macklemore… Yeah he might have some catchy songs that get you moving but seriously? Kendrick’s music actually means something. Good Kid M.A.A.D. City told an incredible story and I can tell you for myself, I don’t care if Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are going thrift shopping.

I like to be honest with myself and you might not agree, but most of today’s music is terrible so I could not be looking less forward to seeing Iggy Azalea win anything but none the less there are some great nominees. I’ll be rooting for acts like Bastille and The Black Keys, some of the overlooked groups who probably have a lot more talent than Meghan Trainor and Jesse J.

I just like music with a meaning that also sounds great so I am sure there is going to be a winner that no one was expecting or one that gets absolutely SNUBBED like Kendrick… but maybe everything will go as planned and the nominees that most people think are going to win even if they don’t deserve to will. All I know is if Anaconda wins Best Rap Song I’m gonna be pretty pissed.


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