Pacquiao Mayweather Fight Finally Official

Yes, it is about five years later than we wanted but at least it is finally happening. May 2, 2015 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This night will go down in professional sports history. The fight was officially confirmed on February 20 by Mayweather after hesitating for about two months (afraid). Immediately coined as the “Fight of the Century” and probably the biggest fight in almost twenty years, this fight will be the most highly anticipated in a long time. Pacquiao has been gunning for this fight for over two years now and Floyd has finally grown up and accepted the challenge at thirty-eight years of age.

We all know what kind of person Floyd Mayweather Jr. is – cocky and outspoken. I guess that’s okay when you’re 47-0 even though he has not yet faced the man who will give him by far the best challenge of his career. On the other hand Manny Pacquiao, who is not nearly as colorful as Mayweather and has remained humble throughout his illustrious career, seems to be extremely confident as he prepares for the May 2 showdown. He has already been spotted wearing a Pac-Man eating money shirt during practice.

Personally I think Mayweather waited so long because he was afraid and knew this would be by far the biggest fight of his career and Pacquiao has wanted to fight him for almost six years. Also, not to mention that Mayweather would never hear the end of the criticism and ridicule if he ended his career without ever fighting Pacquiao. I will be rooting for Pacquiao so everyone can see that Mayweather was afraid for a reason and finally shut him up a little. The fight will be chaotic and most definitely one of the best you will ever see so if you can’t get it online and don’t feel like paying a potential $100 for it on pay per view, you better get yourself to a bar well before it starts.


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